Focus on festivals : contemporary European case studies and perspectives


Focus on festivals : contemporary European case studies and perspectives Chr. Newbold, Chr. Maughan, J. Jordan, F. Bianchini Goodfellow, 2015. Bekijk in catalogus.

Authors focus on understanding the causes and implications of the current growth in festivals internationally, and the implications this has across major sectors ranging from tourism to culture. Key themes: the politics, programming, impacts, governance and management of festivals; The social, cultural, political, economic and physical contexts in which festivals operate; The potential of festivals to explore and stimulate a more risk-oriented approach to the arts; Trends, forecasts and recommendations for the sector. Contents: Introduction: Focusing on Festivals (Newbold, Jordan, Bianchini & Maughan); Section 1. Perspectives and Debates: Introduction (Maughan & Jordan); Festivals - Why - What - When? A case study of Berlin (Hertling); Festivalisation: patterns and limits (Negrier); Festivals, Urbanity and the Public Sphere: reflections on European festivals (Sassatelli); Festivals, Conformity and Socialisation (Szabo); Festivals as Communities of Practice: learning by doing and knowledge networks amongst artist (Comunian); Festivals of Transition: Greenlight Festival, Leicester (Fletcher); Section 2. Leadership and Management: Introduction (Jordan); How to Flow: a case study on an urban music festival in Helsinki (Silvanto); Romaeuropa Festival: a case study (Argano); Festival Leadership in Turbulent Times (Jordan); The Mladi levi Festival, Ljubljana: a case study (Koprivsek); The Diggers' Festival: key issues in organising a community festival that has 'political' connotations (Norton); Volunteering for Festivals: why and how? ( Autissier); Festival City - Rotterdam (Dooghe); Section 3. Impacts, Communities and Places: Introduction (Newbold); The Enchanted City, The Festive Week in Holstebro: an experiential and social cultural space (Winkelhorn); Operaestate Festival Veneto: a socio-cultural and economic analysis (Carnelli); Street Performances: the perverse effects of festivals (Gaber); Diaspora Community Festivals and Tourism: a UK perspective (Fu, Long & Thomas); Mela in the UK: a 'travelled' and 'habituated' festival (Kaushal & Newbold); A View from Australia (Archer); Section 4. The Future of Festivals: Introduction (Bianchini & Maughan); Festivals in the Network Society (Richards); The Public Festival: inspiration and interconnectivity at the heart of festivals (Deventer); 'Belonging and Unbelonging': the cultural purpose of festivals (Gordziejko); Transnational Festivals, a European Alternative: Les Boreales and Reims Scenes d'Europe (Autissier); Some Thoughts on the Future of European Festivals (Faivre d'Arcier); Some Reflections on the Future of Festival Practice in Europe (Austen).