16 juni: symposium ‘The art of queering’

donderdag 15 juni 2017

Queering the Collections, a network of people working to promote the collection and exhibition of queer history and heritage in the Netherlands, invites you to our first annual symposium, ‘The Art of Queering.’

As many archives and museums strive to become more inclusive institutions with greater relevance for diverse audiences, staff and visitors are encountering new challenges as well as opportunities. Some institutions have earned public and critical acclaim for projects that acknowledge the queer perspectives formerly hidden within their collections, while others have undertaken community-curated activities to gather contacts, objects, and stories to bring in underrepresented groups.


Yet despite growing awareness in the cultural sector that queer lives are made invisible and marginalized by traditional curation, stakeholders may still reject the importance of rethinking our policies and our practices. While some believe LGBTQI equality has already been achieved in Dutch society, homophobia persists. In fact, we are in the midst of a global backlash in which discrimination and violence on the basis of race, gender, and sexuality are in resurgence.

Critical moment

This is a critical moment to consider how archives and museums can put inclusive policies into practice, and to evaluate the results.

In this symposium, archive and museum professionals present their own experiences of representing queer lives in public projects. Audience members are invited to respond, in a group discussion and in the networking breaks and borrel, and to join the Queering the Collections network to help shape our future activities.

More information about Queering the Collections you can find here.

Photo: Bedelbus (collection box), queer collective, the Noodles, Collection Amsterdam Museum